A suite of professionally managed and service oriented total quality solutions, to help resolve quality, engineering and supply chain problems in the manufacturing industry across the product life cycle.

G&P deploys the Quality Excellence model services proactively and reactively to eradicate disruption at the Client plant & drive problems back to root cause.


    Residential Engineering

    World class suppliers recognise the need to provide OEM's with dedicated, on-site liaison engineering support. G&P’s extensive network and considerable resource allows us to provide resident engineering services, in the most cost effective way possible.

    Process Quality Engineers

    Cost effective manufacturing means zero-defect manufacturing. G&P’s process quality engineering services are dedicated to optimising product design and assembly, in order to maximise the required process capability.

    Process Control & Audits

    The G&P Group offers a suite of auditing procedures for the appraisal of suppliers, based on an evaluation of their quality management processes.

    Root Cause Analysis & Resolution

    With a wide range of engineering expertise at its disposal, the G&P Group is able to help its Clients ensure that manufacturing cost efficiencies are made, without compromising quality.

    Supplier Development Services

    Managing the supplier-chain often distracts OEM Quality teams from their core activities. The G&P Group readdresses this by combining its technical expertise with innovative ideas and industry best practice in order to deliver tailored supplier support packages.

    Quality Turnarounds

    Improving a poor performing supplier means improving their management processes. G&P has the experience to lead such turnarounds; improving quality performance and reducing costs.

    Material Laboratory

    G&P provides engineers to undertake the provision of specialist chemical, mechanical and metallographic examinations of incoming raw materials and lubricants. These services not only provide quality assurance, but also increase the efficiency of production line problem solving.

    Vehicle Transport Auditing

    Automotive OEM's have some of the most sophisticated processes for the delivery of vehicles to dealerships. G&P provides a suite of audit programmes that are proven to reduce vehicle transit damage, thus minimising the cost of dealership repairs and the associated delays to the final sale.

    Analysing Component Transit Damage

    The global nature of OEM supplier footprints means that components often travel considerable distances before arriving at their final production destinations. G&P provides a suite of services to identify potential transit concerns. Should quality spills occur, G&P can give an independent assessment of the liability ownership.

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