New service launched to help resolve quality issues throughout the supply chain

  • Leading quality management specialist, G&P, has launched a new service designed to help manufacturers identify and eliminate potential quality issues before they impact production.
  • Supplier quality issues in automotive, aerospace, off-highway and other manufacturing supply chains cause regular disruptions to build processes and end product quality levels.
  • The new service aims to identify potential issues at source before they are shipped further up the supply chain.

A new service designed to help manufacturers identify and resolve quality issues in their supply chains before they begin to affect the production line has been launched by G&P, the multi-award-winning quality management specialist.

Indeed, G&P’s service has been specifically developed to protect manufacturers from costly disruption through proactive intervention with tiered suppliers who pose a significant risk of creating disruption.

Simon Francis, group quality director, G&P said: “Our new service has been designed to prevent quality spills, instead of controlling spills that have already happened.

“To do this, our system develops a picture of the tiered supplier’s overall risk level by measuring and monitoring internal and external influences, through a Business Integrity and Capability assessment.

“From here we can identify those suppliers posing the greatest risk of poor quality or missed delivery and find the right resolution to minimise any disruption before it occurs.”

The launch of the new service comes as several macro factors such as raw material shortages, parts supply problems and depleted workforces across several manufacturing industries continue to have an effect on production schedules.

Stephen Molloy, aerospace, defence & industrials director, G&P said: “Globally at G&P, we are seeing quality issues stemming from the very early stages of the supply chain.

“Many manufacturers continue to experience reduced availability of raw materials and labour shortages which is causing a considerable knock-on effect further down the chain.

“At G&P, we work with OEMs and tiered suppliers to ensure production lines can run without disruption from poor quality or material shortages. Our service will contribute significantly to the success of this work.”

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