G&P expands workplace capacity of innovative ‘extended workbench’ operation to meet demand

  • G&P’s ‘extended workbench’ solution effectively creates one team between the customer and G&P’s own personnel
  • Innovative operation maintains manufacturing quality standards while reducing costs
  • Extended workbench capacity increased to meet growth in demand

Reduced production costs while maintaining quality standards has resulted in capacity expansion of the extended workbench solution developed by quality management experts G&P.

The extended workbench solution operates as an extension of a client’s plant process, albeit located remotely from client operations, for inspection, containment and rectification, with a rapid feedback procedure enabling clients to refocus team activities following reported issues. This innovative solution has brought cost savings of up to 60 per cent for clients and the capacity extension is designed to support more inspection stations, coupled with technology investment to drive further efficiencies.

Central to the success of the extended workbench is the ability to promote best working practice through close teamwork with the client’s personnel, their suppliers where required, and G&P’s team members, effectively creating one team.  G&P handles all human resource requirements, including appointing and training inspectors in line with customer volume demands, goods inwards/outwards and storage management, inspection and rework plus reporting as part of a totally managed service. The resulting savings greatly offset any additional logistics costs associated with material movement between facilities.

Geoff Cousins, chairman at G&P, commented:

“G&P has been successfully providing its extended workbench solution for an existing central European customer that has ensured quality standards are maintained, efficiency is increased, costs are reduced and customer reputation is protected.

“Such was the success that we subsequently opened an additional facility in Szentgotthard, Hungary with 90 workstations to implement the same solution for other customers, and the growing success of this facility has led to the requirement to extend capacity further. This is ample proof that customers recognise the concept’s benefits of maintaining high levels of quality and efficiency while driving down costs.

“In addition to the capacity expansion we have invested heavily in technology and hardware to increase effectiveness through stronger process controls.  New warehouse management software increases efficiency in data while reducing waste, provides better control and customer reporting, and delivers a quicker, more capable service overall. We’re incredibly pleased with its success.”

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