BLOG – A ‘model’ for maintaining quality in manufacturing

As a supplier of quality management services to the manufacturing industry, we help companies achieve the highest possible quality standards, while improving efficiency and reputation, together with reducing cost and waste.

In order to improve our overall effectiveness and help regional, national and international manufacturers and suppliers further, we have developed an industry leading model and system that allows us to drive and support the quality management process, identifying problems in real-time allowing manufacturers and suppliers to respond much quicker.

Indeed, our award-winning Quality Excellence Model has helped our manufacturing customers to improve efficiency and quality levels.

Recent analysis of our system’s use shows that in 2020 more than 27 million automotive and aerospace parts were reworked to OEM standard, while nearly seven million substandard components were removed from the manufacturing process.

Specifically, the Quality Excellence Model enables manufacturing organisations to manage complex supply chains and control costs.

It also allows sustainable long-term quality improvement, by enabling manufacturers and their suppliers the ability to rapidly identify the root-cause of quality problems and take decisive action to permanently eliminate them.

Just as important, however, is the crucial role of our highly-trained and skilled personnel, who are seamlessly integrated within the production facilities of manufacturers and suppliers, wherever they are located in the UK or abroad, helping to increase efficiency and drive-up quality standards.

They provide our clients with a variety of sought-after skillsets, including such positions as quality engineers, vehicle technicians and resident engineers, and the sectors they work in include automotive, as well as aerospace, off-highway, household goods, marine and rail.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier needing help to increase your quality standards, improve efficiency and eliminate waste in your production process, then please get in touch to see if we can be of assistance.

Dino Kyriacou


Svým partnerům po celém světě poskytujeme služby jakosti od roku 1994.

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